For the past 18 years, Greater Faith Church (GFC) has kept the future as a present priority. It has never been GFC’s desire to merely survive or exist as an entity, but to constantly challenge the status quo through fresh ideas and courageous adaptivity.

They are now embarking on a transformational project – one that will meet the growing needs of GFC and the Southern Indiana community.

GFC has seen their constituency expand consistently from one (1) campus with a handful of members in 2001, to four (4) current campuses with 853 monthly attendees, while averaging 1,721 guests annually. However, GFC does not believe the impact of their mission and potential is seen in the number of their attendees, but – rather – in the passion of their mission.

Project Scope

Central Campus & Convention Center


Case Statement

Objective, goals, and initiatives



Help us impact the community.